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Ability to view all devices known last locations on a single mapSolved

2 years ago

Ability to view all devices known last locations on a single map

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Hexnode Expert
2 years ago
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Hi @Pavel,

Welcome back to Hexnode Connect.

Hexnode can definitely meet your requirements. To begin with, you’ll have to create a group that will contain all your necessary devices/users. You may navigate to Manage > Device Groups/User Groups to create the same. Also, you may check out the dynamic grouping feature that’ll automatically add devices based on their compliance with a pre-defined criterion. This feature comes in handy if you want to automatically locate new devices as they enroll in Hexnode UEM.

Next, you’ll have to associate a location tracking policy with your device/user group. To achieve it, please select the Enable Location Tracking option from Policies > General Settings > Location Tracking. You may also set the required frequency to update the location data of all your devices in Hexnode.

Once the policy is successfully associated with your target entities, you can fetch the whereabouts of all your devices from the Locations sub-tab of the corresponding device/user group. Hexnode will automatically fetch the location of your devices based on the set frequency interval.

In case you need to instantly track your device without awaiting the periodic location scan, you may perform the ‘Scan Device Location’ action to your device/user group.

In addition, you may also have a hawk-eye view of the locations of your location-enabled devices using the Location History widget in Hexnode Dashboard. The Reports module also delineates information about the locations of your devices in a downloadable format. Hence, keeping track of all your devices will become much easier than ever before.

Hope this helps!

Jeff Morrison
Hexnode UEM