Ability to set default FRIENDLY NAME of devices imported to hexnode via ABM

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Currently, when devices are enrolled automatically into our Hexnode portal via Apple Business Manager / Apple Device Enrolment Programme (DEP), they appear on our Manage > Devices page all called as dep_device by default.


I have to manually change the friendly name of all of these devices to %serialnumber%

It would be nice if I could configure the DEP enrolment so that devices automatically get the serial number as their friendly name in the list of devices in our Hexnode portal


Important: This is referring to the FRIENDLY NAME (the name that the device appears as in the list of devices in Hexnode) NOT the actual hostname of the device itself (which the user sets during installation)

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    Johan Blake


    Hey @adam-jowett,
    Thank you for reaching out to us.

    Currently, DEP configuration doesn’t support the feature to automatically change the device name when enrolling the device to Hexnode UEM. However, we have added this feature to our ongoing roadmap, and our developers will implement the feature at the earliest.

    Meanwhile, use the Set Friendly Name action to change the name of multiple devices simultaneously. To access the feature, head over to Manage > Devices > select the required devices > Actions > Set Friendly Name. In the Device Name field under Set Collective Name, provide %serialnumber% to act as the wildcard. Uncheck the Append Number checkbox and click on Proceed. Next, specify the number of devices to be renamed and click Rename Devices. This action changes the device name on the portal and the Hexnode app. The name of the device under device settings is unaffected.

    Hope this helps you.
    Johan Blake
    Hexnode UEM

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    Hi Johan,


    This process you explained is indeed the process that I currently manually do, and is the process (setting friendly name) that I would like to automate in the future when enrolling via Apple DEP 🙂 (to be clear, not to change the name of the physical device, only the friendly name).


    Thanks for the update regarding the roadmap! Please keep me updated if/when there is progress with this feature.