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The Android Kiosk mode on Hexnode MDM would be just right for what you have in mind. Here’s what you do. Get an Android app to play and loop videos. There will be plenty to choose from. Select one that can stream videos and remotely control playback if network connectivity and bandwidth are no constraints. Use Hexnode MDM to whitelist the app in Kiosk mode. This way, the video player alone will be accessible on the device. The built-in file manager and messenger let you remotely send video files and streaming links to the device. And unlike the solutions that rip you off with add-on packs and supplementary charges for every minute features, Hexnode MDM packs all these features in a handful of simple and really affordable plans.

Here’s a step by step walkthrough on how to get the tablets ready for in-store use.

  1. Install the Video player app on the tablets.
  2. Deploy Hexnode MDM and enable Kiosk mode
    Here’s the complete guide for all things Kiosk
  3. Whitelist the video player app.
    This ensures that the video player alone is accessible on the device. Check the Kiosk guide above to know how.
  4. Whitelist and hide the secondary system apps that need to be run alongside.
    Here’s topic on whitelisting system apps and the possible issues if you don’t
  5. You might want to consider setting the video player app to auto-launch if you want to add a few extra apps of your own.
  6. Updating apps are pretty easy too. Have a look at the following help
  7. When you want to add additional content or restore the tablets for normal use, you can remotely turn off Kiosk mode from your Hexnode MDM portal. You can also allow authorized users to deactivate Kiosk mode in the device by entering a password. See, how to turn off Kiosk mode

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