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Hi, Lawrence.

The school MDM profile can be removed but there are a few things to consider,

  1. If the iPad is enrolled with Hexnode MDM
    1. Log in to your Hexnode MDM profile and disenroll the iPad. It will automatically remove the MDM profile and all associated configurations and apps from the iPad.
    2. Doesn’t matter if it’s a DEP device and if the MDM profile is non-removable locally, disenrolling the device will automatically remove the profile.
  2. If the iPad is not enrolled with Hexnode MDM but has a configuration profile installed on it
    1. On the iPad, open Settings > General
    2. Scroll down to Device Managment
    3. You will see a configuration profile with the vendor’s name. Tap open it.
    4. Tap Remove Management
    5. The MDM profile will be removed from the device.
    6. If the profile is non-removable then your iPad has been enrolled with DEP through another MDM provider. You need to log into your DEP portal, delete the MDM server and then erase the device.
    7. During the next Activation, the device will communicate with your DEP server and will boot up without the MDM profile.

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