Reply To: what is the MDM server URI to be used while creating KNOX MDM profile?

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Hey, Thanks for posting.

The devices need not be new for being enrolled via Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment method. However, you may have to reset these devices for associating the MDM profile during the Enrollment process.

The key requirements for Knox Mobile Enrollment are:

  • Samsung Account
  • Knox portal account
  • Device should be running Knox version 2.4 or higher. For Android Enterprise enrollment, device should be running Knox version 2.8 or above.
  • The MDM provider should support Knox Enrollment method.
  • KME supported browser.
  • The correct firewall exemptions should extend beyond your local and protected network domain and securely connect to Knox Mobile Enrollment server.

Please look into our help doc on Knox Mobile Enrollment for more details.

Grace Baker
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