Google Sign In on Android app is not working on Kiosk after Android Enterprise

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My Kiosk service requires Google-Sign-In on Application after Android Enterprise.

So I followed these steps

1. Enrolled Android Enterprise with Enforce Authentication : Google User

2. Try Google-Sign-In on our kiosk app

3. App shows Google-Sign-In popup and select #1 Google Account.

4. It shows Hexnode Home screen

additionally, I exited kiosk mode forcily. and tried Google-Sign-In.

Then it shows Hexnode For Work app instead.

How can I enable Google-Sign-In in our kiosk application.

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  • Hi @steve-jung ,

    Thanks for reaching out!

    We have duly noted your issue. While we are trying to resolve the issue, could you please provide more information so that we can help you better? Please help us with the following details:

    1. App details: The name of the app you included in the Kiosk Lockdown policy.
    2. Enrollment account type: The type of Google Workspace account, such as a Google Workspace admin account or a Google Workspace user account, that you used to enroll your device.
    3. Google sign-in account type: The type of Google account, such as a Google Workspace admin account, Google Workspace user account, or Gmail account, used within the app that requires “Google account sign-in.”
    4. Policy details: If it is possible, could you share the details about the policy you applied, and are there any other policies in place that we should be aware of or consider?

    Your cooperation in providing these details will help us pinpoint and resolve the issue you’re experiencing as quickly as possible.

    Best regards,
    Hexnode UEM