Updating Enterprise Apps

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I have an “enterprise” set up as a mandatory app in kiosk mode, (XRS and RNA on our account) these APK’s are now outdated and there are new versions out. how can i get the new version of the apk’s to the devices? on a side note we currently have trucks using these devices to run routes so what happens when i tell the MDM that there is a new APK will it instantly kick any users out of the app and update it or is there warnings. timings i can set up etc.

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    You can easily update enterprise applications which would be installed in background, this can be done easily by following these easy steps.

    The updated app will be easily pushed to the devices in a matter of seconds, it would be advisable to send them a broadcast message before the update so that they would be aware about the process.

    Michelle Hendricks
    Hexnode MDM.