Reply To: Multi app kiosk and WebClip

Zach GoodmanZach Goodman
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Hi @Yu-Yan, Web Clips added from Hexnode can be configured to be removable or not. If you configured it not to be not removable, users should not be able to remove it, whether it be from the web app kiosk or the home screen. You can configure that on the policy where you’ve added these Web Clips. On the policy, go to iOS > App Management > Web Clips, unmark the checkbox for the column labelled Removable. By default, this option will be marked and hence, if unchanged, will allow any user to remove the web clips even from the kiosk.

Also, web clips are not the same as apps and hence, disabling the uninstall apps options wouldn’t restrict the user from deleting the Web Clips you have configured. Therefore, please configure your Web Clips policy following the above steps; next time, users wouldn’t be able to uninstall the Web Clips from your devices.

Zach Goodman
Hexnode UEM