Reply To: Private app update from the managed google play console unsuccessful

Gabriel GalbraithGabriel Galbraith
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Thanks for helping out, @Amira @ricardo!

, since there are no kiosk policies or any blacklisted apps, the issue could be occurring due to some other reasons:

  • The Play Store restriction might be enabled. Under Policies > Android > Advanced Restrictions > Allow App Settings, ensure that Google Play Store is enabled. If the option is disabled, it will restrict app installations and updates.
  • Ensure that the devices are properly connected to the internet network.
  • Check if data saver is enabled for Google Play Store and/or Google Play Services.
  • Ensure that the latest update is compatible with the devices.
  • Check if the update has been released in your region.

Please check and update if the issue is resolved.

Gabriel Galbraith
Hexnode UEM