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I need a clarification on how work profiles work in android enterprise. For example, if I were to call or text someone from the work profile, would they be visible outside the work profile? Assuming I use the default dialler and SMS apps?

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    When you use your work profile on Android Enterprise devices, you have the option to use the default dialler or an app specified by the administrator for calls. When you use an app specified by the admin, the call logs are listed in your work profile call log and not in the call history of your personal space.

    When you make a call with the default dialler on the work profile, you will receive an alert informing you that “You’re using this app outside of your work profile”. The call is made from the personal space. When you receive a call, if the number is listed in the Contacts app within the work profile, their name and number are shown on the screen. If the admin allows, their name is listed in the call log in your personal space. Otherwise, only their number is listed.

    When it comes to SMS, all texts are sent by the default SMS app. When you use the SMS app in your work profile to send a text message to a contact, a notification will appear stating that the message is sent using the device’s default SMS app in the personal profile. If your contact responds via text, the text message reply will show up in your personal profile. In addition to your personal chats, conversations with contacts from your work profile are also recorded in your personal space’s history. Only the sender’s phone number is displayed; other information is kept private.

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