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Zach GoodmanZach Goodman
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Hello @Ricky, thanks for bringing up the issue.

Could you try updating the device if there are any pending system/OS updates. If that does not work, please try re-enrolling the device.

Possible cause for the issue
To manage iOS devices (or Apple devices in general), you had to provide the APNs (Apple Push Notification) certificate initially. The APN service is the centerpiece of mobile device management operations in Apple devices, and when the MDM profile is added to the device, different tokens with varying functions like device token, unlock token is also created for Hexnode by the APN service so that the device can communicate distinguishably with the MDM servers for device management. These tokens may be reissued by APNs on certain events like backup restoration, OS reinstallation etc.

To perform the clear passcode command on a managed device, the unlock token for the device is required. If you are facing this error and the scenario is as you describe, this unlock token value might not have been updated on our servers; which could be the result of a pending OS update on the device.

Zach Goodman
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