Basic iOS restrictions not working (noob)

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Hi All

New to Hexnode, MDM, etc. We’re scrambling to make our business more touchless with this covid19 stuff

Wrote an iPad app last week and I’ve got 10 ipads to deploy. GOT ABM setup, apps bought, devices supervised and apps and wallpaper pushed out. However none of the ios restrictions are working.

In the device’s security tab in web view everything is enabled, It says v16 of my policy is pending . How do I force it to be applied?

I’ve gone into hexnode app and done sync, scanned device from console. i’m at a complete loss. I need to solve asap; otherwise, gotta look elsewhere.

I have required 6 digit simple passcode.
No passcode is set
The hexnode iOS app says the device is passcode compliant. The web view says it is not.

The remote view never connects. I get the prompt, but it just says connecting forever (device in on my wifi)

I set 10 minute autolock
Devices still set to 2 mins

Disabled setting of wallpaper
User can change it

Disable game center
user can get to it

Disable install of apps from app store
User still sees icon and can go to app store

Device has location services available always for hexnode, yet web view says “Locator Services Enable: No”



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    Grace Baker


    Hey, Thanks for reaching out to us.

    Seems like the policy you have applied to the device is in pending status. For the policy to be successfully associated to the device, it should be connected to an active network.
    Please confirm that the device is connected to a network. Once the device is online, initiate a device scan.

    Grace Baker
    Hexnode MDM