Android Zero Touch Enrollment, iOS Business Container & Other Enhancements

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Android Zero Touch Enrollment

Do you have a whole lot of corporate-owned devices awaiting deployment?

Try out our new Zero Touch Enrollment for Android Devices to quickly and easily enroll them in one go!

The best part is that you can preconfigure all the MDM settings so that the devices are managed for out of box use. The end users just need to power them on and get connected to a network. Hexnode MDM will enroll the devices automatically and deploy all the preconfigured policies and settings on them.

zero touch enrollment

Key Features

  • One-time setup.
  • Bulk Enrollment of devices.
  • Enrolled as Device owner.
  • Allows resellers to add devices to the portal.

Before starting with enrollment,

Check out Android Zero Touch Enrollment, to know more on this!

Business Container for iOS devices

The flow of personal and corporate data between the apps can now be controlled using Hexnode MDM’s Business Container for iOS Devices by setting up separate encrypted containers for each.

Now you can setup restriction to prevent users from opening managed documents in unmanaged destinations or prevent users from accessing unmanaged documents in managed destinations.

Other Enhancements

  1. VPN on demand for iOS Devices.

    VPN on demand enables you to connect to the VPN automatically thereby eliminating the need to toggle it on manually. VPN on demand can be configured for specific domains only.

  2. Mobile Data Management for Android Devices.

    Data Management for Android Devices is now enhanced by allowing you to restrict the network usage, blocking the usage on Wi-Fi / Mobile Data, restrict and notifying the user when data usage exceeds the limit, setting app-wise restrictions and so on.

Michelle Hendricks
Hexnode MDM

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