Track and view application feedbacks from Managed Google Apps

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Always puzzled upon what goes wrong with the applications deployed to your enterprise devices? Hexnode’s latest update solves this for you.

We are glad to share our new add-on ‘Requesting Application Feedback’ for Android devices.

With this, Hexnode can now track and view the feedbacks from ‘Managed Google apps’ deployed to the devices enrolled in the Android Enterprise program. The feedback will be an error message if the app failed to apply the configuration to the devices.

Here’s where you can configure this.

  • Navigate to Manage > Devices and select the required device.
  • From Actions, choose ‘Request Application Feedback’.

Once the action is initiated, the request may take up to 30 minutes to fetch the feedback from the applications.

Please note that you can request feedback only for the supported applications. Wanna dig in more on this? Have a look at Requesting feedbacks from Managed Google Apps.

Michelle Hendricks
Hexnode UEM

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