windows audio not working

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Some of my windows devices are experiencing audio problems lately. After a good amount of downtime, we found that hardware components were not damaged. So I think it must be a software problem. Any idea on what causes this problem and a solution too 🙂

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  • Hey @wade56,
    Thank you for reaching out to us.

    What @denver suggested is a great way of troubleshooting your devices for faulty services. But the method implies considerable downtime for the device and the employee. With Hexnode UEM, you can remotely execute a custom script to rectify the audio problem using the Execute Custom Script action.

    Windows has a built-in software service named Windows Audio Service that manages all audio devices and services on the device. At times, the audio service may not start automatically when the device turns on. In that case, restarting the Windows Audio Service can solve the audio problem.

    To restart the audio service, execute a custom script on the target device using Hexnode UEM. Head over to Manage > Devices > select your devices > Actions > Execute Custom Script to access this feature. You can find the detailed script to restart Windows Audio Service remotely by following the link.

    I hope that was helpful to you.

    Johan Blake
    Hexnode UEM