Wildcards and pre-defined categories for website blacklists

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As the title implies, it would be nice to see wildcards enabled/allowed for websites for broader black and white listing.

I guess it may only be applicable to kiosk mode browser black/white lists, but I would like to whitelist domains by wildcard (e.g. *google.com) instead of having to whitelist all applicable subdomains for the parent domain. Or likewise, have the ability to blacklist all subdomains by wildcard, leaving on the parent domain whitelisted.

Additionally, content based website blocking – Blocking adult websites, malicious websites and such instead of defining each one individually.

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  • Hi Denis,

    Hope you are doing well,

    Currently, as you whitelist a website, the subdomains of the websites would also be whitelisted along with this. This way, it would be sufficient to add a website URL to the list of whitelisted sites, and automatically, the users would be able to access the subdomains of this URL.

    Regarding the option to whitelist a parent domain and blacklist the subdomains, we shall check with the team on the feasibility of this feature, and if found feasible, we shall raise a feature request on your behalf and keep you informed with the updates on this. With the current configurations, you would have to blacklist all the subdomains to ensure that only the parent domain is available.

    Coming to the option to blacklist websites based on category, this is something that we are yet to implement, but is on our roadmap. We shall forward your request to the team concerned. We understand that this would help meet the required web content filtering standards as you provision your devices. We shall keep you in the loop with the updates regarding this feature as well.

    We sincerely hope you and your loved ones take care and stay safe. Have a great day.

    Jeff Black
    Hexnode MDM