wifi not autojoining

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Need attention from geeks out here…..i pushed an open wifi payload (the wifi is hidden) to my android 10 devices…but the deviced are not getting connected to wifi even within its proximity…..our staff have to manually navigate to wifi settings, and connect to the network showing up in the saved networks section….this has to be automatic, right?

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  • Hey @Steven, thanks for reaching out to us!

    This is the default behavior for devices running Android 10+. The Wi-Fi configurations pushed to such devices will be shown under the “Saved Networks” in the Wi-Fi settings of the devices. The user has to manually tap connect to the Wi-Fi network when the device is in the range of the network.

    Hope this answers your query.

    Jeff Morrison
    Hexnode UEM

  • @Tulip Thanks for sharing your concern!

    The Wi-Fi configurations with WEP security will not get saved on Android 10+ devices if the devices are enrolled in Hexnode as Device Admin. As Google is deprecating several Device Admin policies with every new release of Android, it’s ideal to migrate to Android Enterprise to unlock numerous device management features, including pushing Wi-Fi profiles with WEP as the security type.

    Hope this helps!

    Jeff Morrison
    Hexnode UEM