What’s new with Google Workspace (G Suite) Integration?

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Feature tweaked: G Suite Integration

What’s new in this update?

Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite) integration with Hexnode was of immense aid for IT admins across the globe. Previously, you could sync only a single domain from the G Suite console to the Hexnode console. But what if the enterprises are managing multiple branches with a separate sub-domain for each branch? Hexnode’s latest update has got this covered. With this, you can now sync all your domains from your G Suite account to your Hexnode console.

How to configure this?

  1. Create a service account in Google Admin Console.
  2. Manage API client access for Hexnode UEM.
  3. Navigate to Admin > G Suite, and integrate G Suite with Hexnode.

    Integrating multiple domains with G Suite

    You can choose to sync all the domains, or you can specifically sync the individual domains too.

    Have a look at G Suite integration to know more.

    Stay tuned for more updates.

    Michelle Hendricks
    Hexnode UEM

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