New additions to the Restrictions policy for macOS devices

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We’re excited to announce a few new additions to the Restrictions and Advanced Restrictions policies for macOS devices. Here’s a brief overview of the newly added options:

  • Under Policies > macOS > Restrictions > Allow Device Functionality:
    • Universal control – Apple’s Universal Control allows users to use the peripherals (keyboard, mouse or trackpad) of their Macs to control two other nearby Macs or iPads. Unchecking this option can prevent the managed Macs from connecting to the peripherals connected to other Macs and iPads.
    • USB restricted mode – When unchecked, new USB, Thunderbolt accessories, and SD cards can connect to the managed Macs without authorization.
    • Incoming AirPlay requests – When unchecked, incoming AirPlay requests are blocked on the managed Macs.
    • Allow personalized ads from Apple – Apple delivers ads that are personalized to each user. Unchecking this option can restrict personalized advertising on the managed Macs.
    • Install configuration profiles – When unchecked, this option prevents users from interactively installing configuration profiles and certificates on the device.
  • Under Policies > macOS > Restrictions > Security:
    • Timeout for fingerprint unlock – IT admins can configure a specific period after which the users will be prompted to authenticate with their passcode before being able to use the fingerprint unlock.
  • Under Advanced Restrictions > Device Functionality and Personalization > Screen Capture:
    • Remote Screen Observation – When unchecked, remote screen observation from the Classroom app is restricted.

Please note that these configurations are macOS version dependent. Check out our
help document
for a detailed explanation of each of these options.

Best regards,
Chloe Edison
Hexnode UEM

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