What is the recommended solution for updating Windows enterprise apps

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Hexnode does not support uploading a new version of the enterprise app to update it for Windows devices.

So What is the best way to update an enterprise app?

What I do currently is

1. upload the app as a new app

2. push it to the machine via policy

3. Once the updated app is pushed, I’d delete the older version.

If I do this, will the new version seperately installed or will it update the app? Is there a way to make the process easier? Maybe give an option to replace the app to the newer version and set a scheduled task to push the update after work hours?

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    Catherine George


    Hello Aakash!

    Currently, the mentioned method is the best way to update enterprise apps on Windows devices. The newly deployed version of the app will replace the older version. It might be not ideal in all scenarios, but a better solution is in the works as we speak. We’ll update you on this as soon as possible.

    Best regards,
    Hexnode UEM