What are the ways to configure email on ios

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What are the ways to configure email on my user end devices. These are ios devices that we have in hand.

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    Johan Blake


    Hey @aaron-roberts,
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    What @ala and @abel suggested are excellent ways to remotely configure email on iOS devices.

    The Email policy can be used to set up an email account on an iOS device’s native Mail app. You can configure the policy and associate it with target devices. At the device end, the email account will be added to the Mail app and listed under Settings > Mail > Accounts.

    App configurations can be remotely configured through the Apps tab. The Outlook mail app can be configured through Hexnode UEM and distributed to the target iOS devices. App configurations offer more options to customize the application according to your needs. Unlike the Email policy, the Outlook mail app has to be installed on the device for the app configurations to take effect.

    Thanks for reaching out to us.
    Johan Blake
    Hexnode UEM