Personal-work separation using Managed Apple IDs

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Hey, recently our company started encouraging bringing personal iphones for work-related purposes to avoid carrying around 2 separate phones for personal and work stuff. They had briefed on simply signing into the devices using managed apple IDs and then there will 2 diff settings one for work things managed by them and other for personal use.

All this sounds great but I am feeling a bit of apprehension about privacy and security. Would be great if someone could clarify the working of managed apple ids on ios devices. Primarily I am worried about how much access will my organization have if they try to use an mdm to manage my personal devices. Is signing into my personal device using managed apple ids really secure or should I be concerned?

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    I work in a retail system, the minute we log into our work accounts from a personal device everything’s potentially on the public record. And IMHO, if I need a particular device to get my job done, my company must pay for it. Our IT dept has been very particular on ensuring that we don’t access personal things on the work devices…So I think it’s only reasonable that you refuse to do work tasks on personal devices.

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    Hello folks, it appears as though I might be of some assistance here.

    To begin with, a Managed Apple ID, unlike regular Apple IDs, is used for business purposes. System administrators can manage the services your Managed Apple ID has access. Your organization can use these Managed Apple IDs to enroll iOS devices into Hexnode UEM (Or another MDM with User enrollment support).

    When a Managed Apple ID is used to sign in to a personal iOS device, a separate APFS volume will be created. This volume will consist of managed apps, notes, calendar attachments, mail attachments with the body of the mail message and keychain items. Also, Managed apps and web-based documents will have access to the iCloud Drive of the organization through the Managed Open In restrictions.

    Finally, IT administrators can manage only the accounts, settings and information that belongs to the organization.It’s important to understand that the features that keep the work data secure in managed accounts also ensure that the organization cannot access a user’s personal content. Simply put, your company won’t know what apps you have personally installed or get visibility into your personal data.

    Hope this answer helps you achieve a better understanding of Managed Apple ID and User enrollment. For any further queries, feel free to reach out, and we will be happy to help you.

    Emma Jones
    Hexnode UEM