USB flash drive blocking on Android

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Hello folks, we need a way to prevent users from plugging in their USB drive onto the laptops. BUT we want them still to be able to use USB keyboard and mouse. Does Hexnode MDM have a feature like this?

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  • Hi @Bonny, hope you are doing well.
    You can completely restrict USB Mass Storage devices by configuring a policy and setting up ‘Restrictions’ for Android. Unselect the USB Mass Storage option under Allow Device Functionality. This feature is available for Samsung Knox devices (Knox 2.5+), LG GATE, and Kyocera business devices. Any USB Mass Storage devices connected to your endpoint system should be blocked but all other USB devices like a USB mouse and keyboard should not be affected.

    Alternatively, if relevant to your case, you can restrict file transfer between the endpoint device and a USB device from Restrictions > Allow Device Functionality; choose USB file transfer. This feature is available for Android Enterprise Device Owner devices and Samsung Knox devices (Knox 1.0+).

    Hexnode also has options to selectively or entirely disable USB devices based on their functions. For example, while configuring a policy, blocking the UBS Host Storage from Android > Advanced Restrictions > Allow Device Functionality will block all connections through the USB port. You can then add exceptions to the rules like peripheral devices (wireless keyboard/mouse), audio devices, etc. This feature is available for Samsung Knox devices having Knox 2.9+. Learn more about the feature from the help documentation on Advanced Restrictions for Android.

    Zach Goodman
    Hexnode UEM