Unable to Auto-join to WiFi

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Hey All,
Is anyone having issues with Wifi policy? I pushed the wifi policy to the device, but it is not getting connected to the network automatically. (Auto-join enabled)

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    I’m not sure if that is the case. Before pushing the policy, we had another WiFi network connected to the device. After forgetting it, the network associated via the policy was auto-joined. Anyway Thanks!

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    Hi team,
    I undergo the same situation. I configured almost 4 Wifi networks thru policies and pushed them to the Pixel devices. Yet they seem not to auto-connect with any of these networks. I am very sure that the devices were not connected to any network previously. Is my case the same as above or some other issues?

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    Catherine George


    @riellla Exactly! The issue with your devices also appears to be the same. On Andriod 9 and above, this is how it works. When a policy is associated with such devices, a notification pops up on the notification bar prompting the user to allow suggested Wi-Fi networks. Only when the user permits it, the auto-join functionality works.

    Catherine George,
    Hexnode UEM