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I want to modify android native settings with Nokia phone.can I modify settings like hide battery percentage in hexnode ? Should I use scripts

Thank you

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    Hey @wilma,

    There are many native settings exposed to Android via EMMs. These can be configured in Hexnode by navigating to Policies > Android. By selecting either Restrictions or Advanced Restrictions, you’ll be able to configure the setting of your choice. However, the settings present will be mostly generic settings that are exposed across different Android devices. While these settings may provide you some relief, they may not serve the specific purpose you are looking for.

    For this purpose, extended management capabilities provided by enterprise-grade OEMs will do the job by configuring more specific Android settings, and likely the settings you’re looking for. I’d recommend using OEMConfig as it has emerged as the default new mechanism for exposing OEM specific configurations through a UEM console. Here is a link to a help document on how to configure Nokia devices with OEMConfig.

    It seems Nokia’s OEMConfig app doesn’t support a ‘hide battery percentage’ configuration that you specifically requested. As it so happens, Bluebird’s OEMConfig app BOS™ OEMConfig does. Here’s a link on how to configure Bluebird devices with OEMConfig.

    I’ll do you a favour and redirect you to another link on configuring Android Enterprise devices with OEMConfig, ranging from Samsung to Kyocera. Each document also contains a list of all available configurations for the devices.

    We hope this was helpful. Please do reach out to us if you have any further queries.


    Patrick Zimmerman
    Hexnode UEM