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tvOS, Airprint and Google account supportSolved

Hexnode Expert
7 years ago

Version : 6.1

Release date: 9th October 2017

    1. tvOS support

iOS features

    1. Airprint support
    2. Google account support
    3. Notification configuration
    4. Domain support
    5. Multiple Wi-Fi support

Android features

    1. Manifest URL support
    2. Kiosk lock down
    3. Exiting kiosk by tapping status bar
    4. Enable status bar in kiosk
    5. Enable mobile data in kiosk

Other features

  1. Application report enhancement
  2. Device groups tab in device details page

tvOS support

The new version comes with support for tvOS. The feature includes Airplay security, Wi-Fi configuration, Conference room display, Global HTTP proxy configuration and certificate configuration.

iOS features

Airprint support

Airprint supported printer can be configured in the MDM and can be associated with devices just like we do with Wi-Fi profiles. No user activity required for printer configuration.

Google account support

Any number of Google accounts can be configured in the devices and can be associated to devices.


The app notification settings can be configured from the MDM. The apps have to be defined by their bundle id and settings such as display location, display type, sounds etc can be configured. Supported from iOS 9.3 onwards.

Domain support

Enterprise can specify email domains and safari web domains so that access to any unspecified (marked) domain will be shown in red. This will eliminate accidental access to these email domains or web domains.

Multiple Wi-Fi support

Hexnode MDM v 6.1 lets you add more than one Wi-Fi configuration profiles in the same policy.

Android features

Manifest URL support

The Android enterprise apps can be added from a manifest URL like a dropbox link, such that the enterprise app need not be uploaded to the MDM console. The app will be downloaded from the specified link making the process more simpler.

Kiosk lock down/ Android lost mode

The kiosk lock down works like Apple’s lost mode. The device when meets the lock down criteria, will lock down itself even when it is offline. The device will show an empty launcher when entered this mode. This is similar to entering the kiosk mode with no apps in the kiosk.

Exiting kiosk by tapping status bar

A device can be exited from kiosk mode by tapping on the status bar 10 times. This feature is meant for kiosks with an auto launch app with very less auto launch delay time.

Enable status bar in kiosk

The status bar can be enabled or disabled in the kiosk mode. Enabling this feature will allow user to swipe down the screen and access the status bar.

Enable mobile data in kiosk

The mobile data can be allowed to be enabled or disabled in the device just like we do with Wi-Fi.

Other features

Application report enhancement

The application reports has been enhanced in such a away that the app shows the number of devices it is installed in along with the list of devices.

Device groups tab in device details page

The device details page now shows the device groups that the particular device belongs to.

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