Terminal for macOS or / Remote Desktop

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It would be great to have a terminal / remote desktop for mac to directly control the user device.

Because have a little troublesome when using Custom Script to fix/install software for user.

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    Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for reaching out to us!

    Sure thing! The Remote terminal and Remote View for macOS are two of the top features we are working on for macOS device management.

    Remote terminal allows you to remotely execute the terminal and sudo commands.

    Remote View for macOS allows the Admin to view the device screen from the Hexnode console.

    Both these features are under development and would be released pretty soon. We have raised a feature request on your behalf and we can keep you posted with the latest update.

    Get the latest release notes from https://www.hexnode.com/forums/forum/release-notes/

    Eva Tyler,
    Hexnode MDM

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