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Our organization had locked down all our iOS devices to the single app kiosk mode using the Hexnode policy. When the end users tried to open the Control Center by swiping up the device or open the Spotlight search by swiping down, they were able to exit the kiosk lockdown for a brief while but later found the kiosk app re-launching and reverting to kiosk mode.

But it has come to our notice that when we repeat the same action multiple times, the single app kiosk stops working. Because of this, the end user is able to access the full device. This is undesirable for our organization. Is there a way to rectify this issue and not let the devices exit out of kiosk mode?

I hope we get a solution as quickly as possible.


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    Hey @jayceon, Thanks for posting.

    The case appears to be a vendor-side issue, and we will be raising this with Apple. Meanwhile, as a workaround for password-protected devices, you can choose to disable Control Center and Spotlight search on the lock screen. For this, navigate to Policies > New Policy or existing policy > iOS > Restrictions > Allow Security and Privacy Settings and disable the options ‘Today View on lock screen’ and ‘Control Center on lock screen’.

    Hope we’ve given you a satisfying solution. Feel free to reach out for further queries.

    Julian Refn
    Hexnode UEM