Setting friendly name for devices using Wildcards in Hexnode

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Hi there, is it possible to change how the friendly name of a device is set? We’re planing on enrolling a number of the same tablet, and the friendly name is set to that tablet’s model number, so we’d see a long list of identical names

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    Grace Baker


    Hey, Thanks for reaching out to us.

    You will be able to change the friendly name of devices once they are enrolled. The action to change the device name can be pushed to the devices in bulk. Wildcards can be used for the process of renaming.   The supported wildcards are: %deviceid%, %email%, %imei%, %osname%, %serialnumber%, %osversion%,  and %username%.

    To set a friendly name:

    • Navigate to Manage-> Devices and select the desired devices.
    • Click on the Actions drop-down and choose the option ‘Set Friendly Name’. To set a friendly name for an individual device, select the target device and in the device summary page, choose  Actions > Set Friendly Name.
    • You can either give the same name for all selected devices or separate names for each device.

    Admin can also set the same name to all devices and append numbers to differentiate between each device:

    • Enter the device name and check the option ‘Append Number’.
    • Choose a starting number and click Rename.

    Please check out the help doc on setting a friendly name for more info.

    Grace Baker
    Hexnode MDM