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Scripting for Mac

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      Michelle Hendricks
      Hexnode MDM
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      With tons of scrums, we are finally launching ‘Scripting for macOS devices’.

      Now, What is Mac Scripting?

      It is a process of writing scripts for Mac, which allows you to automate the time-consuming tasks by simplifying them using custom scripts.

      Confused about what a script is? It’s nothing but a small interpreted program, which is a series of written instructions for performing specific operations.

      And finally, what an MDM can do with scripting?

      You can remotely push the custom scripts by your organization to your Mac devices using an MDM solution like Hexnode. It helps in configuring additional settings that may not be natively available in an MDM solution.

      It can be widely used to activate or uninstall apps, setting up app configurations, shutting down or restarting a device and even changing the system settings. These can be performed on thousands of your endpoints with just a single click from the MDM console.

      Here’s how you can do this.

      1. Navigate to Manage > Devices > Select the devices.
      2. Actions > Execute Custom Script.
      3. Upload the script file, provide the binary path and click Execute.

      Hexnode supports the following script file formats:

      • Perl (.pl)
      • Bash (.sh)
      • Shell (.sh)
      • C Shell (.csh)
      • Zsh (.zsh)
      • Korn Shell (.ksh)
      • Hypertext Preprocessor (.php)
      • Ruby (.rb)
      • Python (.py)

      Have a look at scripting for Mac to know more.

      Michelle Hendricks
      Hexnode MDM

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