Samsung SAFE and LG GATE restrictions

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Version : 5.3.4

Release date: 11th August 2017

Main features

  1. Android SAFE and GATE restrictions

The version 5.3.4 comes with an extensive set of restrictions for Samsung devices with SAFE and LG device with GATE functionalities.

Android Basic Restrictions

  • Device Functionality: This set of restrictions include control over the device elements. For SAFE devices, these restrictions extends to : Home button, power OFF, safe mode, airplane mode, lock screen shortcuts and lock screen widgets.
  • Network Settings: For SAFE devices allowing; tethering, USB tethering, WiFi tethering and Bluetooth tethering. For GATE devices allowing; Wi-Fi, Blutooth and Mobile data.
  • Developer options for GATE and SAFE devices include allowing mock locations.
  • Location detection policies include allowing and forcing GPS location for both GATE and SAFE devices.
  • The MDM administration can be allowed to be removed for both GATE and SAFE devices.

Android Advanced Restrictions for SAFE devices

These restrictions are applicable only to Samsung devices which support SAFE.

  • Device Functionality: Restrict microphone, screen capture, clip board and share.
  • Display Settings: Hide system bar, status bar and navigation bar.
  • Connectivity restrictions to NFC, Android beam, Bluetooth data transfer.
  • Sync restrictions to background data and Google accounts.
  • App settings like app install, uninstall and access to Google Play Store.
  • Restrict device settings such as allowing developer mode, USB debugging, background apps, power saving mode and modifying settings.

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