Retrieve phone numbers from non-rooted android devices

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Hi All,

the ability to retrieve the phone number from a non-rooted android device would make matching the devices to a user much easier.

knowing that android have locked this down over the past versions for some reason i would suggest the following method.

hexnode app sends sms text with mobile number imei and portal name to hexnode (i believe most mobile networks allow sms be sent to an email address via mms).

this is matched and updates the device information phone number.

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    upvote on this feature to retrieve phone numbers. Our mobile provider doesn’t allow sending txt tough so that workaround would work for us.

    another option is to get IMSI (sim card number)

    we need to track what sim cards are in our devices to match them with users.




  • Hi there!
    We do retrieve the IMSI number which identifies the GSM subscriber, for Android devices. We’ll let the team in on your requested workaround for retrieving phone numbers and will keep you posted with any updates.

    Meanwhile, do look into our latest feature updates in Release Notes.

    Amy Watson
    Hexnode MDM