Remote password setup on group, app blacklist

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1. Remote password setup on devices (group of devices)

Password type can be managed from policies, but we can’t install custom password from MDM console, only clear password. We need to set password remotely to any enrolled devices or enforce on-device password setup on first device activation.

2. Applications blacklisting

We found app blacklisting exist in policies, but it just informs us if device is complying  with policy or not. But we need function that will remove application from device inadvertently.

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    Hi, Kalia.

    We understand your concern but there is only so much MDMs can do when it comes to core user privacy features. Android, iOS, or Windows does not allow remote password set up. Same is the case for forcing password configuration during the initial set up. However, devices with no password will be deemed non-compliant within Hexnode MDM. So, you can create a dynamic group for non-compliant devices and assign policies to trigger remedial actions like disenrollment or device wipe.

    As for the Application blacklisting, you can not just detect non-compliance, but you can actually disable the apps if your device falls into any of these categories.

    1. Supervised iOS devices
    2. Samsung SAFE devices
    3. LG Gate devices

    On generic devices, you can turn on Kiosk mode to lock down the device to a single app or a handful of apps of your choice. Check out this guide on Kiosk mode

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