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Hi folks. I wanted to prevent my employees from uninstalling our work apps from their Android devices. Is it possible to prevent them from uninstalling using Hexnode?

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    Chris Coleman


    Hi Cecelia,

    Thank you for reaching out to us!

    Hexnode lets you prevent your employees from uninstalling any application from their devices. You can follow the steps given below to prevent users from removing any application from their devices:

    1. Navigate to Policies > Android > Advanced Restrictions > Allow App Settings.
    2. Uncheck the option “Uninstall apps”.
    3. Navigate to Policy Targets and associate the policy with your target devices.

    Once the policy gets associated with the devices, the user will not be able to uninstall any application from their device. You need to have a device enrolled in Android Enterprise or the device should be running on Samsung Knox 1.0+ for the restriction to work.

    If at all any application is to be uninstalled, you can perform the Uninstall Application action from the Hexnode portal:

    1. Navigate to Manage Tab and select the devices from which an application is to be uninstalled.
    2. Click on the Actions dropdown and select the “Uninstall Application” option.
    3. Select the applications you want to uninstall from the device and click on Done.

    Enter the password for the technician account that you are using.

    Upon performing the above-mentioned steps, those applications will get uninstalled from the selected devices.

    Hope this answers your query. If there are any further queries, please feel free to reach back to us.

    Chris Coleman
    Hexnode UEM