Prevent modifying passcode on macs

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Hi. Currently, I have created administrator user accounts on Macs. (Already set passwords for them too). Can I have the change password button disabled so as to prevent users from changing it until some settings are made?

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    Emma Jones


    Hi @User1,

    Thanks for reaching out to us. We’ve got you covered!

    To prevent passcode modification by users on macOS 10.13+ and Supervised macOS 10.14.4+ devices:

    1. From the Hexnode portal, navigate to Policies > macOS.
    2. Select Advanced Restrictions and uncheck the option Passcode Modification under Security and Privacy.
    3. Go to Policy Targets. Associate the policy with the desired targets and Save the policy.

    Once the option is unchecked, the users will be prevented from adding, modifying or removing the device password.

    Hope this answers your query. Do reach out if you have any further queries.


    Emma Jones

    Hexnode UEM