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Hi. We’ve just started using an MDM and it’s all still very new. I’ve deployed android phones and tablets to the employees after getting the hexnode app installed. I’ve also configured the work apps and then given it to our employees.
I don’t want any of these apps deleted… not even by accident … Is there some way I can make sure this doesn’t happen?

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  • @Riker. Thank you for reaching out to us!
    For Samsung Knox and Android Enterprise devices, you can use the restriction ‘Uninstall apps’ under Policies > Android > Advanced Restrictions disallows users to uninstall applications.

    Uninstall app feature


    Deploying devices in kiosk mode can also prevent apps from being uninstalled. Hexnode offers multi-app kiosk mode under Policies > Kiosk lockdown > Android Kiosk lockdown- Multi App.

    Configuring multi-app kiosk


    Since the entire device functioning is streamlined to a few apps, this method cannot be employed for BYOD.

    Rene Anderson
    Hexnode UEM

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  • @Soren. Thank you for reaching out to us!

    As long as your devices have the Hexnode agent app installed, your device will be under Hexnode management.

    If your organization uses Samsung Knox or LG Gate devices, uncheck the security option ‘Allow MDM Administration removal’ under Policies > Android > Restrictions. This will prevent the MDM app from being removed from the device.
    Block MDM app removal restriction


    If your organization is enrolled in the Android Enterprise program, all you need to do is enroll your devices to the Hexnode portal using device owner enrollment. The devices will remain managed until they are reset. Knoxzero-touch, and ROM enrollment of devices will make any attempt to uninstall the MDM app unsuccessful.

    Rene Anderson
    Hexnode UEM