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Preinstalling appsSolved

9 months ago


I’m sure this is an easy question that I’m just not seeing the answer to, but is it possible to associate an app group with a policy or a user group? What I’d like is for when I put a user into the “developer” user group, or a laptop into the “developer” device group, the “developer apps” app group automatically installs.

I have 27 laptops coming in, some for developers, some for HR, etc. and it would be great if they could enroll in Hexnode and then automatically get the apps pushed to them based on what group they’re in.

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Hexnode Expert
9 months ago
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Hello @lana-kelly, welcome to Hexnode Connect!

No worries, we’re glad to be of help.

You can associate a Mandatory Apps policy to the required user/device group to install app groups in them. Please follow the steps given below:

  1. Create the user/device group:
    • Login to your Hexnode UEM portal and navigate to the Manage tab.
    • Select User Groups/Device Groups and click on Add group.
    • Provide a suitable name for the group, add the required devices/users and click Save group.
      Note: For device groups, you can create dynamic groups as well.
  2. Create the desired app group:
    • Navigate to the Apps tab.
    • Select App groups and click on Add group.
    • Provide a suitable name for the group, add the required apps and click Save group.
  3. Create the Mandatory Apps policy:
    • Navigate to the Policies tab, select the required platform and click on Mandatory Apps.
    • Click on Configuration and select Add Group from the Add drop-down.
    • Select the required app group and click Done.
  4. Associate the policy with user/device groups:
    • Navigate to Policy Targets.
    • Select User Groups/Device Groups from the sidebar and click on Add User Groups/Add Device Groups.
    • Select the required user/device groups and click OK.
    • Click Save to associate the policy with the targets.

When a new user/device is added to the group, the policies associated with the group will automatically apply to them as well.

Please feel free to contact us in case of any further queries.

Best regards,
Chloe Edison
Hexnode UEM