PKG file installation failed. Error Code: 1001.

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Hey everyone,

Our team recently came across an error while handling the deployment of an enterprise application. When the PKG file of this enterprise app is tried to install via Hexnode, the install action in the console returns an error: “The app could not be installed. Error Code: 1001.” We tried multiple ways, but this error keeps coming up. I have got the Rosetta installed too, am I missing anything? Any ideas?

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    Hi there!

    Thank you for sharing your concerns, and I am sorry to hear about the trouble. In the case of PKG file installations, “Error Code 1001” typically arises when the file has plugins or scripts incompatible with the installer command used by Hexnode UEM. This installer command manages all the application installations that take place through the Hexnode UEM. Unfortunately, there isn’t much we can do from our end in such instances. However, PKG manufacturers mostly offer alternative methods to deploy these files using MDMs. Could you please try exploring this option with the app manufacturer?


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    I had a similar issue. The manufacturer’s website might have specific instructions or alternative ways to deploy the PKG files that could work with Hexnode. You can check their websites or contact the manufacturer for better clarification. Cheers!!