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On Androïde Enterprise, would be great if we could block users changing parameters of specific apps nor block Uninstall specific apps!



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  • Hexnode

    Eva Tyler


    Hi Pierre,

    Thanks for reaching out to us!

    In the case of Android Enterprise devices, for apps added as Managed Google apps, you would be able to set up app configurations and permissions so that the user would not be able to modify the permissions from the device end.

    To add apps as Managed Google apps, kindly navigate to Apps tab -> Add apps -> Managed Google apps -> Search for the required app -> Approve.

    Once the app is approved, navigate to Policies -> Android -> App Configurations/Permissions -> Add the app -> Select the required permissions.

    Please note that the app configurations and permissions would be listed only for apps that support it.

    Check out the link to know more: 

    It would not be possible to block the uninstall of only specific apps. However, for Android Enterprise devices, you would be able to block the uninstall of any apps from the device end.

    Click on Android -> Advanced Restrictions -> Uncheck ‘Uninstall apps’ to achieve the same.

    Eva Tyler
    Hexnode MDM