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Hello guys,

we are planning to start our rollout with Hexnode as we finished our testing. As far as i got it our test-instance gotta be deleted and we gonna get a completly new one. Im wondering right now whats going to happen with those devices we allready enrolled via DEP (currently 3 devices). We actually dont have a big config right now, just only some Apps with ActiveSync. Do they need to get re-enrolled after we switched our Hexnode Instance? Even if we gonna use the same apple-id for the upcoming APNs in our new server?

thanks in advance.

Best, Sascha

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  • Hi Sascha!
    When you proceed to a paid subscription with Hexnode MDM, the current portal and all its data are retained, and the same portal is licensed to the subscribed plan.
    If you wish to advance with a new portal, the previously enrolled devices must be manually disenrolled from the old portal and re-enrolled in the new. All the policies and configurations must be reconfigured in the new portal as well.

    Amy Watson
    Hexnode MDM