MSI app installation with parameters

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Here, we launch a brand new tweak to the enterprise app installation on Windows. This enhanced feature makes MSI app deployment a whole lot easier with command-line arguments. The best part is that you can now pass all the installation specs you need or define the installation behaviour the way you want.
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Need no longer worry about where the installation should be initiated on the device. Include device location for installing, enable app logging or force device restart after the install. You can get complete control over the enterprise app deployment via arguments.

Sophia Scott
Hexnode UEM

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    Jeff Black


    Hi Kimmo,

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    The option to configure these settings would be available both while using the install application action and the mandatory app policy as well. Once you have selected the app from Policy > Windows > Mandatory apps and it has been listed, you would have the option to click on the configure option under the installation settings as shown.

    Screenshot 2021-11-03 at 2.25.53 PM

    Once you click on the configure option, you would be able to configure the installation settings as per your requirement. You may then add the required devices as policy targets and save the policy to have the app pushed to the device with the configurations that you have set.

    For more information regarding the parameters that can be used, you can refer to the link

    Jeff Black
    Hexnode MDM