Need to wipe macOS device multiple times for DEP enrollment

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I was unable to enroll my macOS device via DEP as the remote management screen isn’t appearing and had to wipe it several times.

On the Hexnode portal, the default DEP profile has been assigned, but the last assigned time is marked blank. When I manually assigned it again, it displayed a time 20 minutes behind my current time.  Then, when I turned them on out of the box, the remote management screen didn’t appear. Had wiped them four times in one hour, but they weren’t enrolling. Then after another wipe a couple of hours later, they got the remote management screen and got enrolled.

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    Thomas Specter


    Hi Deana,

    Thank you for reaching out to us.

    On the Hexnode portal, the time displayed for the time of DEP profile association is returned from Apple.

    In all situations reproduced by our engineering team, we have found out that the delay occurs from Apple’s end, in associating the DEP profile, and the remote management configuration to the delay.

    This is extremely rare, but you can keep a tab on the Apple services in your region from their service status website.


    Thomas Specter
    Hexnode MDM