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The Hexnode team relentlessly works towards providing more for our customers and quite a lot has been in the cooking.

Here’s to macOS users!!

In the latest release, we introduce newer additions to the device restrictions policy for Mac. The recent additions are the following options under the Security and Privacy settings of Advanced Restrictions.

  1. Users can modify File Sharing settings
  2. Users can modify Bluetooth Sharing settings
  3. Users can modify Printer Sharing settings
  4. Users can modify Internet Sharing settings
  5. Users can modify Remote Management Sharing settings
  6. Users can modify Remote Apple Events Sharing settings
  7. Users can modify an account
  8. Users can modify Device Name
  9. Users can create local user accounts
  10. Users can add or remove Touch ID/Face ID
  11. Users can modify Time Machine settings
  12. Users can modify Startup Disk settings

In alignment with your corporate settings, you may choose to grant these privileges or not. Admins, it’s your call!

Check out our help doc on macOS restrictions for more info.


Catherine George

Hexnode UEM

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