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Can we have more than one portals/MDM profile simultaneously on our mac? Can user A have one profile and user B another profile (not policy profile, MDM profile)?

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    Zach Goodman


    Hi @Fengge, did you mean enrolling the device into multiple MDM service providers at a time through different users?

    Your Mac (or any Apple device) can be enrolled with one MDM Server at a time. This will be true for a single user or multiple users across the system. By enrolling the Mac into your Hexnode portal, you enroll the device with the Hexnode MDM Server associated with your portal. Following this, only profiles signed by this MDM server can be installed on the Mac.

    For macOS versions below Big Sur, you may enroll the device on a different Hexnode portal (say B) while being enrolled in another Hexnode portal (say A). Here, the device will be disenrolled from A and enrolled to B. But this case will not be valid if you attempt to enroll with a different MDM service provider (say C). Here, the device will continue to be enrolled with A and will show an error while attempting to install the enrollment profile of C.

    Starting from Big Sur (v11+), if you try to enroll into any another server while being already actively enrolled, you’ll see an error –

    Profile Installation failed. Update to MDM profile contains different server URL.
    Or something like –
    Profile Installation failed. You are already enrolled with a MDM Server.

    Profile installation will fail with a message

    The same is also valid if you install a profile associated with another Hexnode portal. If you wish to enroll your device onto a different MDM server, you’ll need to first disenroll from the current server.

    Zach Goodman
    Hexnode UEM