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It would be really nice to have a progress bar for the macOS App Catalog. So when i click on the desired App i can see the installation progress and also a confirmation once it is done. Just like the Managed Software Update application for Munki.


Also the “installed” banner is not really appealing.

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  • Hexnode

    Eva Tyler


    Hi Tim,

    Thanks for the time you have taken to give us your valuable feedback.

    We have forwarded the suggestion to our concerned team and we are pretty sure this would be taken into consideration. We will raise the feature request on your behalf as well.

    You could also provide us your suggestions on how we can improve the overall appearance of the app catalog for the macOS device.

    In case there are any other feedbacks on any other aspect of the Hexnode, kindly let us know of that as well.

    These suggestions and improvements pointed out by you would really help build our product in the most user-friendly way.

    Eva Tyler
    Hexnode MDM