Restoring backup on DEP device created ‘Error: Not found in keychain’

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I have been stuck with an error for the past several hours. I have some Macs and have enrolled them in Hexnode with DEP. I cannot wipe these devices and give them back, so made a backup of the data through time machine backup before wiping. But when I restored the backup after enrolling the devices, the devices stopped responding to Hexnode. While investigating, I found that the Hexnode Root CA certificate in the Profiles went missing. Now I have an error code saying ‘Not found in keychain’ displayed there.

I don’t want manual removal of the management profile so I don’t think I have other enrollment options to use in this case. Couldn’t find any workarounds myself, please assist.

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    It looks like the Time Machine restore has messed up your MDM enrollment. I think a fresh dep enrollment is the only option, but in that case, you will still have to deal with the restoration that created this situation in the first place.

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    Nora Lang


    Hello @benjamin-franklin,  

    Thanks for reaching out to us with your query. 
    Time Machine backup is in fact the reason for this root certificate discrepancy as Sarah stated. But instead of repeating the whole enrollment procedures, you can retroactively update the DEP enrollment with a single terminal code.  

    Open the Terminal app on the device and enter the following command:  

    Now, enter the device passcode in the Terminal when asked. This will automatically download an MDM profile on the device; try installing this profile. The new profile will update the previous one, and the device will get re-enrolled without wiping.   
    Hope this was of help.  
    Nora Lang 
    Hexnode UEM  

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    • This reply was modified 2 years, 8 months ago by  Nora Lang.