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Good morning!

I want to set the wallpaper of 20 mac devices. The pics used for the wallpapers are related to our new offers and product updates. I have around 5 images that I need to deploy to the devices.

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  • Hey @vera-lopez,
    Welcome to the Hexnode community.

    The Wallpaper policy allows admins to set up and customize the desktop wallpaper on macOS devices. Using this policy, admins can upload multiple wallpapers and customize these to change periodically.

    You can either upload the required images or you can specify the folder/path on the target devices. The policy supports wallpaper file formats like JPG, jpeg, and PNG on devices running macOS 10.11 and above.

    Upload more image files to configure multiple wallpaper images that change periodically. After uploading 2 or more image files, you have the provision to set the display order of the wallpapers by arranging the files in the list accordingly. Additionally, you can configure the following options to customize the wallpaper.

    1. Choose the type of image positioning used for the wallpaper using the Image position option. Choose between Fill screen, Fit to screen, Stretch to fill screen, and Center.
    2. Enable the Apply wallpaper to all users option to replicate the wallpaper configuration across all users on the target device.
    3. If multiple image files are uploaded, the wallpaper changes periodically considering each file in the list in sequential order. The Change picture option allows you to set the interval between wallpaper changes. Choosing the Never option restricts cycling through each uploaded image and will permanently set the first image in the list as the wallpaper.
    4. Enable the Choose wallpaper randomly option to iterate through the list in a random order if multiple wallpapers are uploaded.

    Hope that helps. Please feel free to contact us for further queries.
    Johan Blake
    Hexnode UEM

  • Hey @damaris, the associated wallpaper can be changed by the user. However, the wallpaper will eventually revert back to the associated wallpaper if the wallpaper policy is still in effect. Initiating a device scan or re-associating the wallpaper policy from the portal can trigger the wallpaper to revert to the associated wallpaper. A login or restart on the device end will also trigger the wallpaper to revert to the associated wallpaper within 5 seconds.