Local user management for Windows devices

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Hexnode UEM’s latest feature, Local User Management for Windows devices is a much awaited one and here’s why!

With local user management, IT admins can remotely create new user accounts on Windows devices. Local accounts may be created on the device on behalf of the existing users (both local users and the users integrated via various directory services) in the Hexnode console. Also, you may choose to add new users to the console to create accounts for them.

The IT admins can further perform a whole bunch of actions on these user accounts right from the Hexnode console – including modifying its role, configuring various password settings as well as changing them, unlocking the account, disabling the account and deleting it too.

The feature also provides a consolidated report of all the local users created, which is accessible from the Reports tab of the Hexnode console.

Check out our help doc for detailed steps on how to configure local user management on Windows devices and understand the various options it offers.

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