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Hi all, I have been trying to install an application onto Apple devices, but they are stuck in ‘Pending’ status in the Action History Tab across all devices. The action is for the Slack app which is shown as installed already within the application sub-tab (added as VPP). Is anybody facing the same issue?

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  • Hi @abel, thanks for reaching out to us.
    The reason why the app installation action is stuck in a ‘Pending’ state may be related to issues with the validity of the VPP token. Please verify the validity of the VPP token you are using. If it is found to be invalid, that would explain why the license is not being assigned to the device and why the update is not being properly executed, resulting in the issue. We suggest that you try renewing the VPP token. After the new token is added, run a sync action at Admin>Apple Business/School Manager>Apple VPP, and proceed with the app installation process. This should help resolve your issue. Please let us know if the issue persists.

    Carl Hughes
    Hexnode UEM

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