Clear the app data from the Hexnode portal

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How can i clear the app data on an Android device via the portal of Hexnode?

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    Grace Baker


    Hexnode lets you clear app data on devices. This will remove all your previously saved preferences and settings and reset the apps to its default states. Please note that the feature is supported only on Samsung Knox devices.

    To clear the app data:

    • Navigate to Manage-> Devices and click on the desired device. You will be directed to the device summary page.
    • Go to the Applications sub-tab.
      Click on the gear icon next to the app and choose the option ‘Clear app data’. You will receive a prompt saying, ‘Action execution initiated’.
    • To know if the action has been successful, navigate to the Action History tab. You will be able to see the action message ‘Wipe App Data’ and its status as ‘Success’ on the successful completion of the action.

    Check out our help doc on Clearing application data for more info.

    Grace Baker
    Hexnode MDM